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Peruvian Sandwiches. In Downtown. Now.

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Not much you can do to improve on the sandwich.


Oh, wait. Some Peruvians have something to say about that.

Open the floor for Station 28, Downtown’s first foray into sandwiches and burgers of the Peruvian variety, now open. (And here’s the slideshow.)

You can thank the owner of Ceviche Piano for this. And for the fried pork chunks lovingly encased in two slices of dough. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves here. Might want to take a look at this breakdown first:

1. This is about sandwiches.
Ones that you’ll find tucked into a breezeway lined with recycled wood pallets, trees and flowery shrubs. You’ll approach the concrete counter and place your order for the kind of food you might find in a corner “sanguchería” in Lima. Like two pieces of bread stuffed with fried pork belly and sweet potato. And beef burgers laden with fried bananas and eggs. You really don’t get to Lima often enough.

2. But it’s also about beer.
Mostly of the Peruvian variety. Like Cusqueña and Cristal.

3. That you can enjoy with your breakfast.
That’d be the Desayuno Lurin with tamal, pork, fried sweet potatoes and coffee.

Coffee before beer, and all.

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