Things to do for May 28, 2015

The Weekender

Fight Club 2, Handmade Ties and Camping with Breweries

Sweating weekends over here.

The Fight Club Sequel Exists

The <em>Fight Club</em> Sequel Exists

Almost 20 years after the original, here’s the first of 10 issues from Chuck Palahniuk that will together make the Fight Club sequel—yep, it’s in graphic novel form. You won’t believe it: Tyler Durden starts a knitting club.

Thanks for the Ties, Albert Hammond Jr.

Thanks for the Ties, Albert Hammond Jr.

Albert Hammond Jr.:

a) Member of the Strokes.
b) Designer of striped herringbone wool ties and patterned retro-looking ties and hand-screened cotton ties for Jacques-Elliott.
c) Guy with an enviable name.
d) All of the above.

You already know. D. The answer is always D.

Camping and Craft Brews in Yosemite

Camping and Craft Brews in Yosemite

And there you were, hiking through the Ansel Adams Wilderness on a guided four-night camping trip, stopping for one-off South Gate brews made specifically for this journey, looking at stars and trees and stuff among fellow explorers, one of whom is probably named Brock. Sounds like a good time.

Some Deep Sales for You. Deep.

Some Deep Sales for You. Deep.

Todd Snyder: Some guy named Todd called. He wants you to have a bunch of nicely made spring wearables at up to 40% off. He was pretty persistent.
Opening Ceremony: Acne and Alexander Wang and other brands are basically handing you their things on a silver up-to-40%-off platter. There’s no platter.

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