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Strip Loin and Wine in an Unmarked Warehouse

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In a shoe warehouse, you’re most likely going to find:

A) Shoes
B) Shoe boxes
C) Grouper cheeks

If you answered C, congratulations. You’re ready for Alter, an unmarked Wynwood warehouse (for now) containing glorious foodstuffs from one Brad Kilgore, opening tonight.

This place used to contain shoes. But look around... not a loafer in sight. (See the slideshow.) Now you’ve got an industrial-looking getup with a polished brass bar, a glass-enclosed open kitchen and a garden out back growing four kinds of radishes. Which is three more than you previously knew existed.

You’ll want to stake out one of those schoolhouse chairs at a wooden table for your next date night. The kind of wooden table that’s sturdy enough to host soft egg with sea scallop espuma, charcoal strip loin and grouper cheeks from Brad Kilgore. You might remember him from J&G Grill. But now you’ll remember him for all that wondrous stuff mentioned above. (See the menu.)

And about that open kitchen: you’ll notice a four-seat table there. They’ll be doing a special chef’s tasting experience, but you’ll need a reservation to get one of those seats.

To the victor goes the tasting menu.

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