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This was a nearly flawless first unofficial weekend of summer, wasn’t it?

Sunny. Full of brunch. Maybe spent at places that rhyme with Schmampton.

But you didn’t have any of this stuff yet, so, yeah, that was a flaw.

Fortunately, though, one that can be corrected at Côte à Coast, a bright little Nolita shop of wonders with some real handsome beachy stuff for your body and design-y stuff for your place of residence. It’s open now.

This spot houses what you’d call resort-season things. Print T-shirts that look really good in close vicinity to cold beverages, Dutch throw blankets that go over shoulders near bonfires in Montauk. Giant Japanese doorstops that are second to none at keeping doors from closing. You get it.

And hey, joy of joys—we’ve got some photos for you to look at.


Côte à Coast
230 Mulberry St
(between Spring and Prince)
New York, NY, 10012


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