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Pasta. Bomboloni. Negronis. Go.

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Good news for CityCenterDC. It’s not all Italian suits and ties down there.

As of today, it’s Italian ham, red sauce and donuts, too.

That’s thanks to Centrolina, Amy Brandwein’s bright and airy new Italian osteria-cum-market. You can grab and go right now, or make reservations for the restaurant opening on Monday. (See the slideshow and the menu.)

Imagine New York’s Eataly, but shrank down a bit. Okay, a lot. That’s this place. And here’s how you might use it, in ascending order of you better get this right–ness.

A solo breakfast. Make for the counter. Notice the Vigilante coffee, the quiche, the peach scones, the fried-to-order bomboloni. Then stop noticing and start consuming.

A casual first date. Make for the three-sided bar. Get a couple Negronis. Then proceed to a table for stuff like a giant raviolo with runny egg and ramp pesto, burrata with fresh vegetables and wood-fired tuna with bone marrow. If that goes well, you can start prepping for...

A casual at-home date. Make for the coolers. And the shelves. And the display cases. Then fill up your basket with prosciutto, homemade sauces like game ragù and 10 kinds of fresh pasta.

Mmm. Double-digit pastas.


at CityCenterDC
974 Palmer Alley NW
Washington, DC, 20001


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