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MF Sushi Finds a New Home in Inman Park

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They say if you love sushi, let it go.

If it’s meant to be... well, you know the rest.

Anyway, looks like it’s meant to be.

Welcome back, MF Sushi. You disappeared for four years, but you’re back now. You’re back and you’re soft-opening tonight in Inman Quarter. Yes, we’d be happy to look at your slideshow and your opening menu.

It’s best not to question sushi’s ways. Sometimes sushi just needs to leave Atlanta, go on a pilgrimage to Houston for a few years and return home like nothing ever happened.

Because when that happens, you get a shiny new MF with dark woods, huge glass chandeliers and a massive image of some mysterious Japanese maiden behind the bar. She’ll watch on as you laugh and backslap and drink sake (for your date: the Inman Rose with gin, champagne and rose petals).

Meanwhile, in the dining room, you’ll find a sushi bar to your right and a stretch of tables to your left. Escort that date right to watch chef Chris Kinjo create things like kampachi and jellyfish salad. Or left for Kobe beef tartare and potential sub-table shenanigans.

And come late-June, you’ll do those same things as you while away your evenings out on the forthcoming patio.

You simply must try the patio jellyfish.

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