Things to do for May 21, 2015

The Weekender

Whiskey, Margaritas and Thai Food

<em>Late Show with David Weekend</em>

Patrizio’s Is Back

Patrizio’s Is Back

Maybe you heard: Patrizio’s reopened in a new space on McKinney Ave. But now they’re grand opening, which signifies that something special must be taking place. Something like gratis passed hors d’oeuvres, half-price pizzas and plenty to drink. Yep, that qualifies.

May 21, 6pm-midnight, Patrizio’s, 3232 McKinney Ave, 214-981-9190

Whiskey and Cigars at Rye 51

Whiskey and Cigars at Rye 51

Rye 51 is hosting an event tonight. That’s nice. And here’s what you can do while there.

—Sample a new rye whiskey.
—Eat some barbecue.
—Smoke a cigar.
—Try on some pants.

If you’re going to be there anyway...

May 21, 6:30-8pm, Rye 51, 3699 McKinney Ave, Ste 310, 214-780-0202

Celebrating Epocha’s First Birthday

Celebrating Epocha’s First Birthday

It’s been one year since Epocha first graced Deep Ellum with its eclectic sneakers, T-shirts and records. And to celebrate, they’re gracing the Waas Gallery with some music, a fashion show, Irish whiskey and vodka. Lots of gracing going on.

May 22, 8pm-2am, Waas Gallery, 2722 Logan St, 676-731-5683

Two Days of Thai Festing

Two Days of Thai Festing

Going to Thailand this weekend? Great. If not, this should do. It’s a Thai festival sporting 15 booths’ worth of spicy noodles, chicken satay and rice dishes. There’s a pop-up shop selling Thai goods, and there’s even muay Thai demonstrations. So bring a notepad.

So Many Margaritas Here

So Many Margaritas Here

Should you find yourself in Bishop Arts on Sunday (and you really should), you’ll be in the right location to see the city’s finest margaritologists from 24 restaurants hard at work. Meanwhile, you’ll walk around and sample the Milagro-spiked beverages and vote for your favorite. Good thing Monday’s a holiday.

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