Things to do for May 21, 2015

The Weekender

Lawn Games, a New Patio and More Mad Men

In the key of weekend major.

Two Newbury Street Sales. Go Get ’Em.

Two Newbury Street Sales. Go Get ’Em.

Rapidly developing at Gant: Lightweight button-downs, baseball jackets and ’60s, Bond-length swim trunks reduced by 40%.
Spinning out of control at Ted Baker: 30% off linen bomber jackets, leather bags and other things you’ll want for an imminent summer road trip. They’re basically daring you.

Ongoing, Gant, 324 Newbury St, 617-536-1949; May 21-25, Ted Baker, 201 Newbury St, Ste 3, 617-450-8339

When Boston Pops Met Mad Men

When Boston Pops Met <em>Mad Men</em>

You might think you’ve seen the last of Mad Men. You haven’t. Because tonight, the Boston Pops will play a selection of Draper-era hits while the original cast of Jersey Boys sings the lyrics. No word on whether or not they’ll weigh in on the Stan-Peggy controversy.

The Back Bay Dumpling Rush Is Here

The Back Bay Dumpling Rush Is Here

Chinatown’s Dumpling Café has a sibling now. It’s called Dumpling Palace. You’ll find the same soup dumplings and Taiwanese fried chicken here, plus new additions like shrimp dumplings and fried pork buns. That’s what makes it a palace.

Guess Who Has a Patio (It’s Bar Boulud)

Guess Who Has a Patio (It’s Bar Boulud)

So a genie granted you three wishes. And you requested:

—World peace.
—A gazillion dollars.
—A new 38-seat terrace at Bar Boulud where you’ll consume snapper crudo and rosé for the rest of the foreseeable summer.

You forgot to ask for infinite wishes again, didn’t you?

Patio now open, Bar Boulud, 776 Boylston St, 617-535-8800

Lawn Games and Goat at Loyal Nine

Lawn Games and Goat at Loyal Nine

Should you attend Loyal Nine’s Memorial Day lawn party this weekend? This should help you decide:

Points For: Cornhole, beer, oysters, clams, pork ribs and an entire roasted goat.
Points Against: You could always roast an entire goat at home.

It sort of made its own case there.

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