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Tableside Gin and Caviar Below Bacchanalia

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What a great Wednesday.

The Hawks start the Eastern Finals. A long weekend is nigh. It’s finally sunny out.

Bacchanalia had a baby...

Yeah. Its name is Little Bacch—a rather special new à la carte dinner spot below Bacchanalia with things like tableside cocktail service, oysters and a fat steak. It opens this very night on the Westside. (Here’s your slideshow and your opening menu.)

It’s all very dark and sexy, what with the emerald-green walls and large abstract farm paintings and old-English-study vibes. Feels like a place Tolkien and Lewis might have come to smoke pipes and eat cheese soufflé.

But before you head down there, know this:

They don’t take reservations, and only 52 people can eat there at once.
So maybe show up with some free time.

It’s got this long marble table where classic cocktails like strawberry gin rickeys are born.
Then they’re poured tableside for you and your date. It’s better this way.

Speaking of tableside...
Caviar happens there, too.

You’ll have a 28-day-dry-aged-New-York-strip option.
Take that option.

Occasionally, you’ll catch yourself and your date in one of the antique mirrors on the wall.


Just be ready for that.

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