Tico’s Tequila Bar

Tico Suave

Under Tijuana Picnic: This Basement Cantina

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This is a Mexican place under a Mexican place.

So... see you there?

It’s Tico’s Tequila Bar, it’s from the Acme and Happiest Hour guys, and it’s got late-night subterranean flights and tacos waiting below Tijuana Picnic. Here, have a slideshow, and perhaps a menu.

And now, to your questions.

So it’s literally under Tijuana Picnic?
Yeah. Go inside and look for the perspicacious neon sign that says, “One tequila, two tequila...” You might know the rest. Anyway, that’s where the stairs are. Descend.

What time we talking?
Probably that moment in the night when you’re with a couple people you know, couple people you don’t, and everybody’s looking at each other like “We probably should call it a night, big day tomorrow, but...” Yeah. Then.

Can we all sit under a disco ball?
Sure, if that’s your thing. There’s one brightly colored table across from the half-moon bar that’ll catch your eye.

Are there chili lights somewhere?
For sure.

Yes, all that. Wouldn’t you like to hear about the drink situation?

Forty-five tequilas, 40 mezcals, some sotol, a few flights... with food that makes sense at 1am, like skirt steak tacos and short rib skewers.

Sounds great. So what’s underneath this place?
Don’t push it.

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