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Sushi and Sake at the Mercury

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You can’t teach an old dog new tricks, they say.

Which, for starters: pretty presumptuous about elderly canines.

But also: this place has something to say about that.

Meet Sushi at the Mercury, the new sushi and sake lounge that’s just popped up in back of... yes, the Mercury. It’s now open for dinner, but you can get a visual head start right here.

You know the Mercury. It’s that longtime stronghold of steaks, fish and wine. So naturally, after nearly two decades of success, they thought, “Hey, let’s convert part of this space into a 40-seat sushi restaurant helmed by a former Nobu chef. Yeah, that’s what we should do.”

You’ve got to appreciate that kind of innovative thinking. Bodes well for any eating-while-dating combinations on your agenda. And when you swing by, you’ll find a sexy room full of red chairs, flickering candles and a foretelling collection of sake barrels lining the wall.

Then, once you’re done admiring the view, take a seat at one of those wooden tables and start filling it with salmon nigiri, Japanese snapper and yellowtail tartare with caviar. And to drink: a large bottle of sake called Demon Slayer.

That’s not intimidating at all.


Sushi at the Mercury
11909 Preston Rd, Ste 1418
Dallas, TX, 75240


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