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Sandwiches and Salads and a Leon’s Vet

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You know that thing where it’s best not to judge a book by its cover?

That applies here.

Delivering a classic book/restaurant scenario is Pea Ridge Kitchen & Bar, a casual new place of sandwiches and salads with an underwhelming appearance on the outside and a Leon’s vet on the inside, soft-opening tomorrow in Decatur. (Here’s your slideshow and your menu.)

Repeat: don’t let that exterior fool you. Because just beyond its weathered doors is something really good. And really simple. They do a really good simple here.

As you pull up after work, some questions may arise. Like: “Is this the right place?” and “What’s the libation situation?” and “Do the endless wood-covered walls make it feel like you’re dining inside of a hollowed-out tree?” Your respective answers will be: yes, BYOB for now with a nice cocktail program in the works, and yes again.

You could go table or bar. Doesn’t matter. Pick one and order something splendid like a roasted-shaved-lamb sandwich with asiago or some smoked-pulled-pork nachos. Then sip on your whatever and watch the Hawks not break everyone’s hearts.

Or golf, if that’s on.

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