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Ahi Tartare, Steaks and a Three-Martini Lunch

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Power-lunch skewers.

Date-night skewers.

They’re totally different skewers.

Explore the possibilities at the cavernous new incarnation of Fish & Farm, now open for stiff martinis, tartare and various speared things. And it looks like this.

This feels like a classic steakhouse, with a slightly nautical twist: a low tin ceiling, white brick walls, glazed-wood tabletops... They recruited George Morrone (Aqua, Fifth Floor) to man the kitchen. The result: a raw-fish-meets-steak-frites menu.

For the business lunch (or other somewhat professional group outing):
You’ll want to slide into one of the leather booths and order the George’s Ahi Tartare (pine nuts, Asian pear, habanero-infused oil). If you’re so inclined, this is also when the fried-chicken-BLT skewers would happen. Make it happen.

For the third-date situation:
Head to table 38. Yes, we did just get that specific. It’s the intimate back-corner spot, far from the other tables, under a chandelier—you can have foie gras and some skewers that just feel different here, and your knees will be brushing together and stuff like that. It’s next to the brass-railed stairs that’ll soon lead to a jazz lounge below.

There, that was sixth-date foreshadowing.


Fish & Farm
424 Clay St
(at Battery)
San Francisco, CA, 94111


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