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On Wine and Penne and Filet Mignon Pizza

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Good news, Coconut Grove: you’ve now got Fornaro. It’s a textbook Italian trattoria with wine, penne and fried filet mignon. And it’s open right now.

Take a look around (seriously—take a look). See all those white bricks, checkered tiles and bouquets of Edison bulbs dangling over tables draped in white cloth? Well, a lot of those things weren’t always here. Because it was once a bike shop. Just a bit of trivia to drop on an unsuspecting date between bites of burrata and penne. No need to thank us for that one.

Or for the blistering pies popping out of the brick oven they’ve got in the back. Ten-inch specimens ladled with a homemade tomato sauce that you’ll want to test-drive for a weekday lunch with friends over some Fat Tire beer.

But we’d like to turn your attention to the polpettone. It’s a filet mignon patty that’s been stuffed with mozzarella cheese, then breaded and fried. Oh, and then they throw the whole thing on its very own pizza.

We didn’t think you’d have a problem with that.


2750 SW 26th Ave, Unit C
Miami, FL, 33133


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