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All Things Mezcal in Tribeca

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We went to the future.

Yeah, we’ve got a thing that does that over here.

We saw that this week turned out really well, and then it ended at your mezcal locker, this thing you have in the future.

At Abajo, a sexy underground grotto of mezcal and small edible Mexican things, open Fridays and Saturdays beneath Añejo in Tribeca.

We’ll tell you all about it, if that’s okay.

It’s what experts refer to as a cocktail lounge.
DJs doing hip-hop under changing lights, tequila-avocado-jalapeño cocktails, sink-in-worthy corner banquettes—that kind of thing.

There’s fried guacamole.
And a version of a Choco Taco. So check those off the to-do list.

The bar’s made of Mexican card games.
Uh, yep.

They’re barrel-aging their own mezcal.
If this crazy rock we call earth still exists in six months, it’ll be ready to go.

They’ve got mezcal lockers.
You own them. You get a key. They keep your bottle. You insert and turn key for your mezcal.

You can see more of it, including that guac, here.
... in the slideshow.

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