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Lunch: kind of important.

Pizza: also kind of important.

Hang on a second... This might just work.

Exhibit A: Pizza Crosta, a new spot for DIY pizzas, good beer and a magical bar of things in which to dip your crust, opening next Monday at the Prado. (Here’s your slideshow.)

And sure, there’s also a menu. A good one. But maybe ignore that on your first trip, scan all the ingredients and create your own custom 10-inch pie. Anything. The world is your pizza oyster here.

It’s small, which is fine. Because your agenda is a simple one: popping in, eating a few slices and looking at some wall-mounted collages of women doing handstands on horses.

You’ll approach the line and either go the aforementioned menu route with a Breakfast Anytime involving scrambled eggs, roasted potatoes and bacon. Or go the rogue route with toppings ranging anywhere from prosciutto to shrimp to lamb gyro.

And after receiving something cold and drinkable like an Eventide Kölsch, locate the dipping station. That’s where you’ll ladle wonderful things like chipotle-pesto sauce or honey with cinnamon and sugar onto your plate and then dip your crusts in it.

That’s just how pizza works now.

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