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This Was Michy’s. Now It’s This.

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And on the last day of the workweek, the sweetbread gods looked down upon Miami and said...


And it was good. It was really good.

Yes, the much-awaited successor to Michy’s is finally upon us. And it’s opening tonight for dinner right on Biscayne. (You can see the slideshow here.)

Michelle Bernstein. No introduction needed. Just know that she’s lifted the shutters on your beloved Michy’s and given it a bit of a freshening-up.

Here’s how it’s changed:

Then: Lots of blue. Orange banquettes. Crystal chandeliers. Touches of your grandma’s dining room.
Now: Lots of white, gold art and starburst chandeliers. They’ve also raised the roof and given the wooden beams a gray coat. It looks a bit like Don Draper’s former penthouse.

Then: The bar was hidden all the way in the back.
Now: It’s situated up toward the front so that you can drink your Negroni while perusing the action out on Biscayne.

Then: Michelle Bernstein doing homey dinners of short rib and creamy polenta.
Now: Michelle Bernstein testing your palate’s mettle with small plates of sweetbread tacos, roasted sunchokes and snapper moqueca from her new rotisserie.

It’s not a difficult test.

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