Bayou Bakery at Hill Center

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Beignets, Gumbo and Muffulettas on the Hill

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You’re about to pass through an imposing iron gate. Walk up a path. Push open a heavy door, which leads to a Civil War–era building filled with machetes, pitchforks and rifles.

Where you’ll sit in a sunny atrium and have beignets and coffee.

Here’s Bayou Bakery at Hill Center, a New Orleans–inspired café and coffee shop, slated to open mid next week.

You may know the name: there’s been one in Arlington for five years. You may know the chef: he’s David Guas, the NOLA-bred host of the Travel Channel’s American Grilled. And you’ve probably been by this building: it’s been around since 1865, when it served as the carriage house for the military hospital next door. Check it out here.

Bring someone you wouldn’t mind whiling away an afternoon with. And then immediately send them away to find a great seat while you order at the counter. Maybe they’ll pick one in the outdoor garden. Or the glass-walled atrium. Or the dark and moody “feed room,” with pitchforks, a couch and a coffee table made from an old door.

When you find them, you’ll be bringing surprises like punch in mason jars, jambalaya, a muffuletta sandwich and some beignets.

Okay, they probably saw the beignets coming.


Bayou Bakery at Hill Center
901 Pennsylvania Ave SE
Washington, DC, 20003


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