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A Totally Unsubtle Power Steakhouse

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Australian Wagyu tomahawk steaks.

A side of mashed potatoes topped with a whole lobster.

Two-foot seafood towers that sit atop smoking dry ice.

Hundred-year-old cognac that goes for $16,000 a bottle.

There’s a point to the list above, and it’s this: if you don’t have an expense account, get yourself one—or find someone who does—because here comes Mastro’s Steakhouse, a perfectly unsubtle power spot that’s huge in Beverly Hills and Chicago. It opens downtown on Friday.

If Patrick Bateman and Gordon Gekko had a meeting, it might be at a place like this—all white-jacketed waiters, dramatic chandeliers and about 500 seats. (See it here.) A place where you decide between prime ribeyes and sushi rolls. Or even sushi made with steak.

You can get it all at the opulent-looking three-sided bar, where a piano player does his thing every night. But if surveying the room is your thing, request a table in back by the big mirrors.

And if not being seen is your thing, book one of the dark private dining spaces downstairs. Then see if you can use the private, discreet VIP entrance.

Hint: it’s not marked “private, discreet VIP entrance.”

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