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A Sunny Ode to French Pastries and Cake

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Eggs benedict pizza.

We’re just going to leave that there for you. And the knowledge that it exists.

Because you might require it later today. Or tomorrow. Okay, probably tomorrow.

Thank us when you get to Jake & the Cake, a sunlit nook for all of your French pastry and breakfast pizza desires, now open in South Miami. (Here’s the slideshow.)

Think of this as your early-morning/midday happy place. Just a whitewashed room of bright sunshine, brick and wood in the former Pizza Rustica spot, with a tightly curated menu of French pastries, bread and cake made from scratch. Also, fresh-pressed juices.

You can see where this spot might come in handy. For a caramel tart with a macchiato in the morning. For a smoked-salmon-and-cream-cheese sandwich during a working lunch on the weathered-oak communal table. For a breakfast pizza topped with what is essentially eggs benedict for... anytime, really.

Then there’re the cakes. Rum. Chocolate. Lemon. And a monthly rotating option that kicks off with sticky toffee. All of which you’ll be able to order from the drive-through window that’ll be awaiting your urgent pastry needs in about three months.

Tremendous news for your urgent pastry needs.


Jake & the Cake
6800 SW 57th Ave
Miami, FL, 33143


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