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Your New Sushi Lunch Goes Like This...

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The time: high noon.

The place: your office.

The thoughts: “What if I weren’t here? What if I were eating sushi?”

Those are good thoughts. Embrace those.

Then find your way to Wagaya, a new quick-lunch and quick-dinner spot for seaweed-wrapped treasures and soon-to-be sake cocktails, now open in Midtown. (Look at this slideshow. Now look at this menu.)

Teetering right on the edge of Home Park: this simple house of seafoodian comestibles. It’s bright, open and festooned with a minimal yet appropriate amount of bamboo.

You’ll come to know it well during your many future lunch runs down 14th. And once you’re inside, it’s either table or sushi bar. Humble suggestion: go sushi bar and don’t look back.

Because in front of you is the establishment’s proprietor, Takashi, and his wooden, two-tiered workstation. Say hello and ask him for some ramen, sashimi or hitsumabushi, which is basically broiled eel served in a stone bowl. Then watch as he prepares it right there and passes it over to you.

And once that liquor license comes through, you’ll be privy to Japanese drinks like the chuhai with soda, fresh fruit and sake.

That last word feels of great import.

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