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Live Piano Karaoke in Chelsea

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May 4, 2015.


The person on stage has the lights low and cuts an ambiguous silhouette.

They do their number.

The discerning crowd grants a begrudging round of applause.

The silhouette f**king nailed it.

And that is the tale of you at Sid Gold’s Request Room, a dark, discreet place where you should sing with the big piano. It’s opening Monday in Chelsea.

You come here in the early evening and it’s just some quality jazz piano playing. And that’s great. You and yours grab one of the tables past the bar, near the piano. They’re half-domed, which is just always cool and conducive to listening to people play piano (for proof, see slideshow).

But if you come after 9, the piano player is backing you up. Just a second ago, you were eating pickled vegetables and drinking ginger Old Fashioneds under a half-dome table—now you’re belting out “Maggie May” to the cheap seats with overqualified accompaniment.

And that’s the long and short of it. Other than the silent-film screenings they’re going to have occasionally. Also, of course, with live accompaniment.

You can’t take that “silent” part so literally.

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