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Your New Beltline Patio-and-Ping-Pong Spot

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Your weekend on the Beltline:

Walk a little.

Jog a little.

Skip a little.

Eat Cuban sandwiches a little.

Play ping-pong a lot.

Sounds like Victory Sandwich Bar is finally back in town with great promises of making you things to eat and drink. It’s situated directly on the Beltline, it’s got ping-pong, and it’s slated to open tomorrow in Inman Park. (We have a slideshow for you.)

After closing their Elizabeth Street location in 2013 to make room for Inman Quarter, they’re back. They’re very back.

It’s smaller than its Decatur sibling—there’s a little bar area with a handful of seats and a chevron wall made of wood from the old location. Plus a patio and a ping-pong room. Those, too.

Make for a table outside with a group or a casual post-Beltline date and do the thing where you eat a Cuban with smoked pork, ham and fontina. It’s called a Castro, naturally.

Soon, you’ll require bourbon-spiked slushies and some well-spent time in that ping-pong room. It’s magical back there. Kind of like if Rick Moranis shrunk Wembley Stadium instead of the kids and added a wraparound drink rail and a functional gymnasium scoreboard on the wall.

Seems more manageable this way.


Victory Sandwich Bar
913 Bernina Ave NE
Atlanta, GA, 30307


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