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Lobster Fajitas. Tequila. Design District.

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You’d eat tacos and sip tequila on a back alley curb if you had to.

So you should have no problem enjoying both while seated in a handsome dining room.

Get yourself to El Bolero, a real looker of a Mexican restaurant that’s bringing ceviches, tacos and adult beverages to the Design District. It’s open tonight for dinner, with lunch starting tomorrow and breakfast beginning Monday.

Oak and Pakpao. Those are two good places to eat. And that matters here because the same group is behind this place. So you won’t be surprised to learn that it was designed by Coevál Studio and therefore all attractive inside—decorative tile floors, a green tiled bar with bright-yellow chairs and some mosaic wall art.

And the kitchen’s putting out tacos al pastor, smoked bone-in pork chops and lobster tail fajitas. No one’s ever turned down lobster tail fajitas. Certainly not that significant someone who’d look good across your table. (See the menu.)

Now, here’s some more stuff you’ll likely enjoy: they’re finishing an outdoor bar on that front patio, which bodes well for your weekend brunch plans. And they’ll soon begin offering gratis shoeshines out there, too.

Yep, the ol’ shoeshine-brunch combo.

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