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It’s just like pasta. Only more fun to say.

Macaroni. See?

For more fun just like this, head to Bar Civita, a place so taken with the stuff, they have a “Macaroni Reds” section on their wine list. It opens tonight in Woodley Park.

Yes, you may have once known this oddly horseshoe-shaped place as Murphy’s Irish bar. So let’s take a look. Then see how things have changed...

Then: A patio permanently covered by a dreary tent.
Now: Well, they’ve uncovered it. Added some umbrellas. Shrubbery, too. It’s where you’re getting Pugliese-style shellfish platters and drinks like the Pisan 75 (a French 75 variation spiked with limoncello) on a night like tonight.

Then: A service station in the middle of the dining room.
Now: It’s a pasta-and-antipasto station. Grab a two-top right in front of it and start ordering the housemade macaroni like ziti with vodka sauce and homemade goat cheese. Or house sausages like the Pittsburghese (veal, bacon, capicola).

Then: A long, 25-seat bar carved from dark wood.
Now: Same bar. Only now it’s got 12 taps, with everything from High Life to Victory Golden Monkey to Guinness.

Yes, still.


Bar Civita
2609 24th St NW
(between Calvert and Connecticut)
Washington, DC, 20008


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