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Naked Casino Night

What's better than a naked woman?

A naked woman plus two aces in the pocket and two in the flop.

It's all yours at Naked Casino Night, brainchild of John Ordover, president of the Clothing Optional (C/O) club. Attending a C/O function is a lot like any other New York party. Except no one's wearing any clothes.

Surprisingly, discomfort from being naked in public fades after a few minutes—if everyone else is nude, no one notices you.

A warning to those who want to catch sight of some skin: Naked men block the view. And this is about as non-sexy an experience as shooting craps with your naked Great-Aunt Edna. But while the crowd may not inspire you to rip off your clothes in ecstasy, it's still one entertaining night that will make a great story for posterity ("Speaking of blackjack, I remember that time...") and the profits go to a good cause.

What happens if Johnny wants to come up for air? "Nothing at all. It's a non-event," says Ordover. As long as you don't swing your thing around, no one will break out the measuring tape.

We'll just leave it to you to decide where to hide that extra ace.

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