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Shrimp Taquitos and Vinyl Records in Wynwood

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All of those times you wished for a permanent supply of arepas are about to finally pay off.

Because here’s The Lunchbox, a casual new Wynwood eatery from the guy behind the Arepabox food truck, slated to open next Friday. (See the slideshow.)

There are a few ways you can obtain sustenance here. So take a look at this handy guide.

For the Early-Adopter Type: The App
How: First, download their app. Then, select the ham-and-cheese arepa. Let the app know if you’ll be eating in or taking it to go. Either way, it’ll be waiting for you.
Pro: See: “it’ll be waiting for you.”
Con: Another food app.

For the Long-Form Fan: The Email
How: Send an email here.
Pro: Ordering your Philly sandwich with sliced sirloin in haiku form. Because you can.
Con: Your request for extra cream of wasabi sauce ending up in spam.

For the Pedometer Fanatic: The Walk-In
How: Left foot first, right foot second, etc.
Pro: Partaking in Wynwood Brewing beer while playing a few records on the turntables in the back. Stuff like Bob Dylan and Kenny Rogers.
Con: “Islands in the Stream.” On repeat.

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