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Some Noodles, Some Rice, a Patio and You

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Some people eat Thai food in Thailand.

Some eat it in Buckhead on a garden patio.

One of those seems more convenient.

The one called Bangkok Station, a new safe house for all things edible and Thai and patio, soft-opening next Friday in that retro-looking building on Pharr Road. (Have a slideshow and a menu.)

This is what it looks like when you take the inside of an average Thai place and then make it the exact opposite of that. It’s a huge space, with a huge menu and a patio that’s also hu... it’s a big place.

Check out the North Carolina trees that were given new life as a bunch of communal tables and a bar. Once the liquor license comes in, you’ll drink a gin-and-brandy-rich Train Track at one of those places.

Look at the antique Thai birdcages hanging above each booth. And that chandelier made from real coconuts with tiny, hand-carved designs in the shells. You’ll speak in hushed tones to your date under that.

And then there’s that patio with its vegetable garden and the two of you eating curried lobster and jumbo prawns and talking about how you really should get together again soon.

Or you could just eat lunch there.

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