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Warby Parker’s Permanent Home in Lincoln Park

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This is the story of Warby Parker—a onetime pop-up frame studio that has since closed, moved a few doors down and reopened in a decidedly bookish boutique representing the brand’s first permanent Midwest outpost.

But enough about them...

Your story begins when your eyes get annoyed with the sun and you decide you want a pair of sharp-looking shades to protect them from it.

It ends with you reading against a sculpture of the Cowardly Lion in Oz Park.

But... somewhere along the way, you’ll head over to their new digs and step inside—past their full collection of glasses, the photo booth and a framed copy of The Dharma Bums—right up to the reference desk.

You’ll say, “I’d like an eye exam,” because they have an optician on staff. Plus, when’s the last time you had an eye exam...

You might also inquire about the Chicago-exclusive, limited-edition Topper sunglasses. Our guess is that they’d look nice on your face.

Then, just as you’re leaving, you’ll notice the custom map painted on the wall depicting the best places to read in the neighborhood.

You were wondering how you got to Oz Park.


Warby Parker
851 W Armitage Ave
(at Fremont)
Chicago, IL, 60614


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