Cubano Old Fashioned

Served Up

A Cubano Sandwich in Liquid Form

We get wild ideas sometimes. Call them edible flights of fancy. And we think you deserve a world where these things exist. So once in a while, we scrawl these ideas on a bar napkin and pass them to someone with the fortitude, the mastery and the lack of regard for natural law necessary to make them reality. We call it Served Up...

The Cubano. It’s the holy union of ham, pork, swiss, pickles and mustard pressed between two slices of Cuban bread. And because time is of the essence, we wondered: might one be able to drink their Cubano? “Yes” was the only acceptable answer.

We asked the intrepid barkeeps at the Rum Line if they’d assist with this important endeavor. And so, the Cubano Old Fashioned was born. It’s available now upon request. Or until the ham-rinsed rum runs out.

Yes, ham-rinsed rum. See, they’ve taken dark rum and soaked it with fatty ham and bacon. Then, they’ve mixed that meaty concoction with bread-and-butter-pickle syrup and mustard shrub. The whole thing is then garnished with dill pickle and a crunchy chicharrón. The result: a sweet, liquefied, Cubano sandwich. Science prevails.

If you’re in a time crunch for lunch, this could make up for time lost on things like... chewing.

Yeah, not really.


Cubano Old Fashioned
available at The Rum Line
1601 Collins Ave
Miami Beach, FL, 33139

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