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Nothing wrong with your average vinyl record shop. Except it’s a little dusty. It’s a little short in the sandwich department. And it’d be cool if they let you make your own record.

Okay, so lots of improvements to be had. And they thought of them all at Songbyrd Record Café, a coffee parlor/sandwich shop/music store now open in Adams Morgan.

Check it out here. Then check out these stats.

8: 1950s-airport-inspired chairs surrounding a guitar-case coffee table. Sit there.

6: Listening stations, complete with headphones and stools.

350: Rough number of records in stock, from Father John Misty to the place’s namesake, Charlie Byrd.

11: Sandwiches on the menu, with names like the Kraftwerk (chicken schnitzel).

1: Sliding barn door leading to the unfinished second phase of this place, where you’ll be able to pair a drink with your sandwich.

1947: Year the Voice-O-Graph recording booth in the corner was made.

$0.05: How much it says it’ll cost you to record yourself onto vinyl.

$15: How much it actually costs.

45: RPMs of the record it’ll record for you, along with a custom label and sleeve.

190: Seconds you’ll have to record a song.

Or an audio message to Mom. Whatever.

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