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A New Home of Tasty Korean Stuff

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There you are, minding your own business, when out of nowhere... a craving for wings hits.

The Korean kind. With kimchi fries. And drinks.

It’s bad.

But fortunately, it’s treatable.

Feel better at Bbbop Seoul Kitchen, a laid-back Korean joint where short ribs, spicy wings and soju do the heavy lifting and you swoop in to reap the benefits, opening Monday on Lower Greenville. (Here’s a slideshow.)

This place might sound familiar. Mostly because these guys have a location further north. It’s good, but different. Smaller. More casual. Pared-down menu. Lacking in the beer-and-soju department.

Meanwhile, the new place’s big on wood and steel and stone. And it’s got some enticing new plates like seared kalbi (Korean short ribs) and a fried half chicken to go alongside bowls of bibimbap, crispy wings and kimchi fries. So gathering some friends for dinner is very much a thing you should do.

But here’s where things really get interesting/more bibulous. The bar’s serving Asian beers and soju cocktails. And for something you don’t typically find outside of Koreatown, try some makkoli or baekseju, a couple of traditional rice drinks.

Feel free to just point.

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