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Mexican Street Food at Trinity Groves

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Dreary mornings like today can be rough.

The easiest way to get through it: shut your eyes and go back to bed.

But the tastiest way... tacos.

Rise and shine and head directly to Sugar Skull Café, a diminutive ode to Mexico City street food that’s serving tacos, churros and coffee, now open at Trinity Groves. (See the slideshow and the menu.)

Here are some fun facts.

This comes from the Casa Rubia guys. They’re quite skilled at making food that you really want to eat, so... that’s a good start.

It’s casual in here. Just a walk-up counter, a few booths, some wooden tables and glass doors that open up to the elements.

They’re opening early. So you can swing by at 7am for some housemade pan dulce and a cup of coffee. Or noon. Noon works, too.

There’s no shortage of tacos. They’ve got the breakfast kind for breakfast, the barbacoa and pastor kind for after breakfast and the mojo-marinated-skirt-steak kind for whenever the mood strikes.

Nice patio. You could occupy one of those picnic tables for hours as you snack on queso fundido and look toward the Downtown skyline.

It has “fun” right there in the name.


Sugar Skull Café
3011 Gulden Ln, Ste 102
Dallas, TX, 75212


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