Chick at Night

A Chicken-Forward Restaurant Inside West Egg

None 9 Photos Oddbird
Sometimes you walk into West Egg...

And there you are. In West Egg.

Other times you walk into West Egg...

And there you are. In Oddbird.

You see, it’s a particularly chicken-heavy restaurant-within-a-restaurant that happens every Wednesday through Saturday night starting this week. (If we could make this slideshow edible, we would.)

At some point, a decision seems to have been made. A decision that we the people are not experiencing enough chicken. There was probably a meeting. Perhaps a whiteboard was involved. And out came this: an entirely new menu starring your favorite non-migratory bird and a few bottled cocktails.

But we’ll let that slideshow do the rest of the talking.

This is the last sentence you’ll read before really wanting chicken.


at West Egg
1100 Howell Mill Rd
Atlanta, GA, 30318


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