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What to Know About Maketto

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Maketto. The great white whale of H Street. It’s been years in the making. And it finally debuted this morning.

It’s inspired by Taiwanese night markets. It’s three sprawling, airy floors high. (See the slideshow.) It’s food. It’s retail. But maybe you’ve heard all that. So let’s just tell you what exactly you can get here...

Cambodian and Taiwanese food. Which means oyster pancakes and Wagyu bao buns. Sit at the counter in the kitchen, and you’ll have a waiter. Or just grab something and find yourself a seat in the open-air courtyard.

Vigilante Coffee from a siphon bar. It opens at 7am. Seems early enough.

Sneakers from a whole wall of sneakers. Converse. Vans. Limited-edition Adidas. Or just get yourself a raincoat from Sweden. Just because.

Cocktails created with kaoliang, Taiwan’s national spirit. Which is made from sorghum. And bottled at 112 proof.

Shots of vinegar. Made in-house from beets, hibiscus and such. Yes, those can go in drinks, too.

A Kate Moss coffee-table book. Among other highly perusable pieces of miscellany like beard creams and baseball-mitt-scented candles.

Stuff from a vending machine. Like headphones, seaweed snacks and Asian toys.

Not those kinds of toys.

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