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After Tar & Roses: This Yacht-Themed Seafood Spot

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You don’t fancy yourself a critic.

But sometimes you need to go out on a limb. Make your voice heard. Walk into a sleek seafood spot from Andrew Kirschner (Tar & Roses) and proclaim something revelatory that just sums it all up for everyone with the good fortune to be in your presence at that moment.

Something like: “Feels right.”

Here it is. SMYC. It stands for Santa Monica Yacht Club, because there’s a yacht theme going on, but not in a gross way—it looks nice. And it’s seafood. And it’s open now.

See? Here are all the photos. It looks nice. Blues and greens and light woods everywhere, a breezy sidewalk patio, a bar that just... summons you. Not exactly an unprecedented quality in a bar, but still.

We see you at a six-top overlooking the patio—you can’t always do the patio, or, okay, you’re out on the patio—ducking back from the laughter and toasting for a moment to ensure a steady stream of oysters, yellowtail and swordfish carpaccio to start. (Here’s the menu.) And then things break up into a collection of more intimate conversations over plates of fried giant squid, seared-albacore banh mi, razor clams and lamb kebabs.

Unless any of that sounds unpleasant for some reason.

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