Things to do for April 09, 2015

The Weekender

Cards Against Humanity, Gratis Charcuterie and a Sexy Circus

Simon says weekend.

UD - Whiskey. Sexy Circus. You’re Going.

Whiskey. Sexy Circus. You’re Going.

There are 100 reasons why you should attend Untitled’s American Whiskey Affair. Reasons 1 to 75: your mouth will be privy to over 75 American whiskeys and bourbons. Reason 76: after the tasting, there’s a sexy circus. Reasons 77 to 100: we decided “sexy circus” justified 24 more reasons.

UD - Jazz and Meat and Your Date

Jazz and Meat and Your Date

You like jazz. Your date likes pop. You both like gratis seasonal charcuterie and cheese. Perfect. Head to the Butcher’s Tap tonight, where they’ll have a band performing jazz covers of pop hits, plus all that other good stuff. Finally, a practical solution to the classic jazz-pop-charcuterie dilemma.

UD - This Week in Really Good New Brunches

This Week in Really Good New Brunches

If you’re looking for Bavarian pancakes: Head to Bohemian House. They have those now. They also have a coffee cocktail with rye and maple syrup. Neat.
If you’re looking for something Argentine: Try Rural Society’s two-course prix fixe brunch with chimichurri-spiced Bloody Marys.
If you’re looking for lunch: Look for that on Monday.

UD - You’ve Never Game-Nighted Like This

You’ve Never Game-Nighted Like This

A few creators of the infamous party game Cards Against Humanity are looking to drink things with you and play-test some new cards at the Whistler on Sunday night. So they fake-asked us, “Do you know any witty people?” And we fake-said, “Yeah.” We were fake-referring to you.

UD - Chicago’s First SoulCycle. Sure.

Chicago’s First SoulCycle. Sure.

Birds do it. Bees do it. Even the Beckhams and Madonna do it. Let’s do it. Let’s... go to SoulCycle. Yes, SoulCycle. They’re opening their first Chicago studio in Old Town on Tuesday with 51 bikes for your high-intensity, full-body cardio-ing pleasure. Right. This has been sufficiently irreverent now.

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