French Connection

Nice Hats for Wearing on Your Head

None Your hair’s a mess.

The sun’s in your eyes.

Your Rangers cap is pulling double duty as a sunflower seed spittoon.

There, that’s three reasons you might need a new hat.

So get something doff worthy from Larose Paris, because the French house of attractive headwear has a new online store, thereby making it even easier to procure some shade for baseball season.

These guys have been making extra-nice hats for a few years now. And they’re continuing to do that. Except now you can peruse the entire collection online. Which means you’re just a few clicks away from acquiring a short-brimmed, five-panel cap made from burlap. Or a blue-and-white seersucker cap, which is basically like a soft, cotton mint julep for your head. Basically.

But hey, maybe baseball caps aren’t your thing. Maybe you’d prefer something more in line with a young Indiana Jones who moonlights as a bartender. In that case, try the collection of 100% rabbit-felt fedoras.

And about the Panama hats... they’ve got a couple of those, too. They’re handwoven in Ecuador.

But your secret’s safe with us.

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