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Nap-y and You Know It

Here’s a Yoga Studio Turned Nap Lounge

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You’ve tried everything...

The sleeping-with-your-eyes-open trick: too difficult.

A Bueller-inspired response system rigged to your office door: too fallible.

That nap fort you fashioned under your desk: too Costanza.

Time to cozy up to Bottom Line Yoga, a 3,000-square-foot slice of serenity that, yes, involves yoga, but also involves designated places for you to take naps. It’s now open in the Chicago Board of Trade Building. (And here’s the slideshow to prove it.)

If you think a nap lounge just happened, you’re not wrong.

Because it did. Sort of. See, this place operates under the auspices of your standard yoga studio—meditation-centric classes. Downward-facing dogs. Forest-green walls. Restorative Thai massages.

But come 1:30 every afternoon... nap lounge.

You’ll slink in after a long morning of conference calls, lunch meetings and incessant requests for the Matheson file (f**king Matheson). Then, you’ll slip through some white curtains, grab a plush mat, pillow and blanket, and have yourself a siesta.

Should you need help falling asleep, feel free to use their guided meditation app.

And should you need help waking up, feel free to request a wake-up call.

It’s not a gong.


Bottom Line Yoga
141 W Jackson Blvd, Ste 750
(at Financial)
Chicago, IL, 60604


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