Chama Gaúcha

Steak Charmer

Brazilian Steakhouse. Patio Bar. Happy Day.

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Brazil is basically just one big show-off.

Soccer. Steaks. Gisele. Beaches.


But about those steaks...

They all live at Chama Gaúcha, a cavernous new place where friendly people walk around with meats on sticks (so... a Brazilian steakhouse), slated to open this weekend in Buckhead. (Here’s the slideshow and here’s the sample menu.)

Many are the reasons you’d venture into this dark, sexy, protein-filled wonderland. For one: meat. For two: patio. For everything else: we’ll go on.

Upon entering, you’ll gaze through the big glass wine cellar, past a sea of tables, and fix your eyes upon the enormous salad bar. Then you’ll laugh at it.

Because salad will only slow you down. You’re here to make merry with your date or your clients or whoever, raise a paddle and watch things like filets and costela de boi (beef ribs) come at you from every direction.

Then there’s the bar, with its promises of caipirinhas and its massive sliding window that opens up to the patio outside.

The rest of the building’s really more of a happy coincidence.

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