Better Call Salt

A Meaty New Escapade in Midtown

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When you approach a bar, you request a drink.

Unless it’s a meat bar.

Then you request meat.

Much like you’re about to do at Saltwood, a new meat-and-barn-wood-forward restaurant that’s opening Monday at the Loews hotel in Midtown. (Look, it’s a slideshow and a menu.)

We hereby bequeath unto you these three ways to use it.

As your casual client-lunch HQ.
Tell them to bring the Peterman files and meet you in the lounge area with all the windows and cutting boards on the walls. Have some pork belly tacos and try not to drip jalapeño crema on the files. Peterman hates that.

Happy hour at the bar.
It’s that meat bar, though. With a meat-tender instead of... anyway, they’ll still bring you drinks there from the regular bar—like a To Confessional with rye and Bénédictine—while you watch your duck prosciutto being prepared by the meat-tender. We mentioned the meat-tender, right?

For a little hotel-themed dinner date.
There’s a separate, semiprivate dining room in here. Request it. It’s dark, it’s secluded, and it’s got a large pig-cut anatomy drawing on the wall. Your date will love that.

Having the right date will help.

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