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Behind Two Red Lanterns in Paris: This

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If you told a traveling companion you were taking them to a “pleasure house” in Paris, they’d probably have some questions.

If you told them you were taking them to a former pleasure house in Paris, they’d... probably still have some questions.

The answer is always Maison Souquet, a onetime house of ill repute turned incredibly sexy 20-room hotel, taking reservations now.

Three things you should be aware of from the get-go:

1. You’re looking for an unassuming building with two red lanterns and a canopy instead of a sign.

2. Good times were had in this mansion during the belle epoque.

3. It still feels like it’s the 19th century inside: there’s fine nude art, sconces sporting tastefully placed tassels and intricately detailed wallpaper everywhere you look. (And here’s the slideshow to prove it.)

Also, the rooms are designed so that not leaving them will be a real temptation. They’ve got 24-hour room service. Top-shelf minibars. Beds. Big, soul-soothing beds.

Regardless, venture out. In one corner, there’s a spa with a hammam and a pool that’s accessible only if you request the key. In another, there’s a bar masquerading as a reading room, complete with piano, fireplace and books.

You’re not there for the books.

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