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The world is filled with all kinds of houses.

Ranch-style houses.

Safe houses.

Eating houses.

That last one seems better than the others...

So get acquainted specifically with Kessler Park Eating House, a new comfort-food salvo from the husband-and-wife team behind Jonathon’s, now open on Beckley Ave. (Hi. Here’s a slideshow.)

It’s casual inside, with a black bar, purple bar stools and walls lined with black-and-white photos. If you see all that, you’re in the right place. But when you think Jonathon’s, you probably think fried chicken and waffles and blissfully mandatory naps. So you’ll be happy to know that this place keeps those good times going.

The smorgasbord of a menu has things like pierogies, braised pork cheeks and pickle-brined chicken thighs. It also has pizza rolls. And if you can’t enjoy a plate of pizza rolls with a spiked milkshake sporting Baileys and chocolate stout, well... we don’t know. Seems sad, though.

For now, it’s dinner only. But very soon they’ll unleash a patio and extended hours on the unsuspecting lunch and brunch crowd, thereby changing the midday eating landscape forever.

Or changing your brunch plans, at least.

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