Mace in the Hole

A Superb East Village Cocktail Situation

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Mace: a thing used to burn people’s faces when they aren’t acting right.

Though, you won’t affiliate it with that for long.

You’ll affiliate it with Mace, a quaint but ambitious sliver of a cocktail spot, now open in Alphabet City.

They pack a lot into this place (which you’ll see here).

And by “they,” we mean guys who, between them, have worked at every Experimental Cocktail Club on earth and Dram, and owned the dearly departed Louis 649 and also Cocktail Kingdom (there’s some knowledge there).

And by “a lot,” we mean mostly aromatics and spices, presenting live in your cocktails from all over the world.

But, per usual at a place that serves you things, they’ll navigate all that while you entertain an after-dinner date with strong and focused listening, and tales of great good deeds. Failing that, they’ll be entertained by the Ambrette, a rye-and-sherry doozy employing all of Ambrette’s bitters, soy sauce and tobacco essence.

There’s a menu of small things to soak up the aforementioned liquids, but let’s just be frank—that’s an afterthought here. Even if they are made by a Jeepney chef. Okay, maybe they’re important.

There’s also a chocolate-chip-bacon cookie.

Check the “important” box on that one, too.

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