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A Weird and Wonderful Basque Playground

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The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain...

... and that’s fine. We’ll just take their gin and tonics, thank you very much.

Enter Piripi, a whimsical Basque-friendly spot for slow-cooked octopus, roasted lamb and gin-filled drinks, officially opening Monday in the Gables. (See the menu.)

El Bulli. Per Se. The French Laundry. Just a few quaint spots where the chef here has cut her teeth. And what you’re getting: Basque Country deliciousness in a knockout of a spot. (See the slideshow.)

First-date territory, this. And there are a couple ways you can go. You can post up at the bar with one of their five gin and tonics and watch your shrimp-and-mussel croquettes get prepped in the exposed kitchen before you. But you can go formal, with a 36-hour roasted saddle of lamb laid out over a tablecloth in the dining room.

And then there’s Lola. It’s a private dining room enclosed in glass barn doors that open up directly into the kitchen. So you and nine friends have direct access to the chef.

But you’ll have to wait a bit longer to get to know it.

And so another drink it is.

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