Savage Garden

Rugged Things for Camping and Walking Around

None Somewhere off in the distance, a wolf cries.

You sit there huddled over the campfire, rubbing your hands together.

You’re cold. Alone. Scared.

And worst of all, you look like sh*t.


Okay, now picture the exact opposite of that.

Suddenly you’re in a world where the Savage Supply Company exists, a new range of ruggedly attractive items such as canvas backpacks, knife rolls and axes for your making-camping-look-better pleasure. The goods are now available for preorder and shipping in May.

So, yes, camping is something you can do where these things will fit right in. The wilderish North Carolinians behind them made sure to construct everything out of duck canvas and leather and fear. The fear part’s not real, but it seemed like something that would make you think strong camping thoughts.

But sometimes you’re not camping. Sometimes you’re just walking around drinking lattes and punching buttons on keyboards. You’ll like the leather laptop and iPad cases. Same with the briefcase. It’s got tons of pockets and looks a little bit great.

And we mentioned the axe, right? They’ve got an axe. It’s a restored vintage one painted red, white and blue that you’ll use to chop firewood.

It also summons Neil Diamond.

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