Things to do for March 26, 2015

The Weekender

Endless Micheladas, Barbecue and the Blues

Hindsight is always weekend.

Blues and Beer. You’ll Abide.

Blues and Beer. You’ll Abide.

On the off chance you’ve fulfilled your DJ quota for the week, you’ll want to know that there’s a promised land with blues music, pork and a beer garden waiting with bated barbecue smoke. And far be it from you to keep good barbecue waiting.

A Derby Party with Mojitos. Why Not.

A Derby Party with Mojitos. Why Not.

Apparently, Florida has a derby. And apparently, Tongue & Cheek’s decided to broadcast the race on a bunch of 50-inch flat-screens while plying you with $5 mojitos and a beachside barbecue menu. There’s also a best hat contest, but yeah... Florida has a derby.

Mar 28, 4pm, Tongue & Cheek, 431 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, 305-704-2900

The One About Burger Tacos

The One About Burger Tacos

After the WMC madness settles down, you’ll need tacos. Burger tacos, to be exact. With bacon and cotija cheese and... you can just see for yourself at Bodega’s new Sunday brunch. Things you’ll also find: breakfast egg tortas and bottomless micheladas. And a second wind.

There’s Paella Here. Go to Her.

There’s Paella Here. Go to Her.

Sit back and picture an exotic Cuban café. Where plates brimming with paella are placed before you. And sangria runs freely from pitcher to glass. There’s also live jazz and a DJ spinning Cuban rhythms. Now stop picturing. Surprise, you’re at Ball & Chain.

This Yoga Class Is Weird

This Yoga Class Is Weird

Let’s discuss what’s happening during Soundoff yoga. You’ll:

1. Put on a pair of LED-lit headphones.
2. Listen to music.
3. Start to feel... comfortable.
4. Be told to get into reverse scorpion and whatnot through said headphones.
5. Start to feel... less comfortable.
6. Get a gratis massage when it’s done.
7. Return to comfortable.

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