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A Proper Oyster Bar from the Momi Crew

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Those Momi Ramen guys.

They just won’t stop until they have all of Brickell at their mercy.

Ramen: not enough.

Gyoza: still not enough.

Now, they’ve gone and jumped into the oyster game.

Hey, if you can’t beat ’em...

Behold Market at Momi, an oyster-shucking, sake-pouring operation from the crew behind the Momi empire, now open in Brickell. (See the slideshow.)

You’ll find it where Rosinella used to hold court. A cozy little Japanese fish market with subway tiles, fresh seafood stacked on ice, and mismatched tables and chairs for consuming the aforementioned seafood. It’s all pretty simple, really.

What you’ll want to focus on here is the oysters. Fifty different kinds at your disposal. So if you happen to find an open seat at the L-shaped bar, take it. Then, get friendly with a bottle of sake while watching their master shucker take apart 20 oysters per minute.

Now, should you find yourself with a hankering for something more, opt for the lobster roll. Or go with the mussels that’ve been cooked in a generous pool of sake. Rumor has it that the broth packs a considerable alcoholic wallop.

Remember not to slurp and drive.


Market at Momi
1040 S Miami Ave
Miami, FL, 33130


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