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110 Years in the Making: Red Wing’s Webshop

None Red Wing has been making leather things with which to cover your feet for 110 years.

And for 110 years, Red Wing has not had a dedicated online place for you to procure them.

So... true or false?

The Red Wing Heritage Online Store now exists after well over a century of not doing that.

Good answer. Gold star. A+. Now let’s get you some f**king boots.

You’re working with over five dozen pairs in here. All of which are hand-cut and hand-sewn using leather from their own tannery. But you knew all that.

What you didn’t know is that the next time you go to a casual, early-evening rooftop barbecue and start throwing around phrases like “Guys, seriously, I’m so glad we finally got the chance to do this,” you’ll be wearing a pair of Foreman chukkas.

That’s because they’re new. They’re also light and made with Briar Oil Slick leather and perfect. So are those oxfords, Chelsea boots and 11-inch pull-on boots with silver hardware. Everything, really. No wrong turns.

And should you find your pants in need of being around your waist, they’ve also thrown some nice belts into the mix.

They thought of everything.

That goes on your feet or around your waist.


Red Wing Heritage Online Store

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