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A Date Spot/Game Spot in Mt. Pleasant

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So, maybe some snow tomorrow.

It’s enough to make you want to head off somewhere. Like the Philippines. That would work.

Or just wait until Saturday when it’s 62 again.

But no, let’s stick with the whole Philippines thing...

... in the form of Purple Patch, a new Filipino neighborhood spot now open in Mt. Pleasant.

You’ll recognize these two levels as the former home of Tonic (upstairs) and Last Exit (downstairs). But now you’ve got whitewashed walls and communal tables upstairs, along with the five-seat bar built into the bay window. (See the slideshow here.)

Consider this your casual, no-pressure date spot. Also consider it your spot for lumpia (long, thin beef-and-pork spring rolls), escabeche (whole fried snapper) and sinigang (pork belly in lemon broth). Because those things are available here.

But there’s also: a burger. A sweet-BBQ-pork sandwich. And fiery wings in guajillo-pepper lime sauce. Those can also be found in the downstairs bar, where things are bigger, darker and... TV-ier.

All in all, it’s not a bad spot for some basketball tonight while you experiment with roasted-jalapeño grapefruit margaritas and blackberry-bourbon sours.

Let’s hope they have TruTV.


Purple Patch
3155 Mt. Pleasant St NW
Washington, DC, 20010


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